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Schedule of Events

Monday 27-Mar 10:00 AMPractice PCMCA Zone 2 & 3Chilliwack
Monday 27-Mar 12:00 PMPractice BCIMCA Zone?Chilliwack
Monday 27-Mar 2:00 PMPractice BCIMCA Zone?Chilliwack
Monday 27-Mar 4:00 PMPractice PCMCA Zone 1 & 4Chilliwack
Monday 27-Mar 5:30 PMTeam PhotosChilliwack
Monday 27-Mar 6:00 PMSkips MeetingChilliwack
Monday 27-Mar 6:30 PMMeet and GreetChilliwack
Tuesday 28-Mar 8:00 AMDraw 1Chilliwack
Tuesday 28-Mar 11:00 AMDraw 2Chilliwack
Tuesday 28-Mar 2:00 PMOpening CeremoniesChilliwack
Tuesday 28-Mar 4:15 PMDraw 3Chilliwack
Tuesday 28-Mar 7:00 PMDraw 4Chilliwack
Wednesday 29-Mar 9:00 AMDraw 5Chilliwack
Wednesday 29-Mar 12:00 PMDraw 6Chilliwack
Wednesday 29-Mar 2:30 PMCombined MeetingCCC Conference Room
Wednesday 29-Mar 4:15 PMDraw 7Chilliwack
Wednesday 29-Mar 7:00 PMDraw 8Chilliwack
Thursday 30-Mar 9:00 AMDraw 9Chilliwack
Thursday 30-Mar 12:00 PMDraw 10Chilliwack
Thursday 30-Mar 2:30 PMCombined meeting if necessaryCCC Conference Room
Thursday 30-Mar 4:15 PMDraw 11Chilliwack
Thursday 30-Mar 7:00 PMDraw 12Chilliwack
Friday 31-Mar 9:00 AMDraw 13Chilliwack
Friday 31-Mar 12:00 PMDraw 14Chilliwack
Friday 31-Mar 3:00 PMDraw 15 Tiebreaker if necessaryChilliwack
Friday 31-Mar 6:00 PMClosing BanquetChilliwack